I’ve turned my hand to few  things during my 35 years, actor, EFL teacher, yoghurt packer, showerer of elderly people, marketing and comms manager, mother, wife, curator, artist, Real Hot Bitch, pornographic cross stitcher,  radio producer,  wanna be truck driver,  comedian, publicist, but never, ever sailor.

So how is it that a lady who gets seasick and loves her two showers a day is now the proud owner of a 40ft steel ketch located in none other than Aruba? That’s right Aruba ….in the Caribbean! It is about as far as you can get from Wellington in NZ.

The only thing I, and it seems everyone else I talk to,  know about Aruba is an 80’s song by the Beach Boys. (This coincidentally is one of my most hated groups.)

For those of you who don’t know the one it goes like this  ‘Aruba, Jamaica, ohhh I wanna take ya to Bermuda, Bahamas.. Come on pretty mama.

Far from being an innocuous little ditty, this tune must have been some kind of weird experiment by Casey Casum and the Caribbean Tourism Board to promote Aruba.  This song has wormed its way into my subconscious and forced me to  put out to sea,  head down to Kokomo and bring my 15 month old son, Dashkin along for the ride.  I am a victim of an 80s version of subversive advertising  and my guess is it happened during my childhood in landlocked Palmerston North because I listened to 828am radio for hours.

I mean, the way they sing ‘come on pretty mama?” what chance did I have? I am a sucker for a compliment.

Granted this is a bit of a leap. No-one else I know from the class of ’88 has felt a need to buy a yacht and take their family sailing.

There is more to the story and it can be summed up in two words. Love. Adventure.

Yep, there is the love of  adventure which is pretty self explanatory. And then there is love with a capital L which needs a little more explaining.

The man who has my heart, father of my son and who I will brave the ocean waves for is the one and only Ross Blacksmith.

I should have known that a life on the high seas was on the cards when our wedding cake featured a cut out of the sailing ship the Black Tiger.

The old sea dog had spent 6 years circumnavigating the wild waters of NZ, listening to Wagnerian Operas, reading Byron and painting antique maps.   Four years ago while sitting quietly at a bar minding his own business he was introduced to me, and like a mermaid, with my amazing singing voice ( and probably my rack and witticisms) I lured him onto the land.

Fast forward a few years we are married, have a 15 month old son and a yacht in Aruba.

Reminds me of another 80’s hit ‘The things you do for love.’
Let the adventures begin!

2 Responses to About

  1. Rob says:

    How truly blimin romantic.
    It’s going to be an adventure, for sure. And that, I sometimes think, caught up in the inexorable wheels of a satisfying but a little humdrum life- is what we’re here for.
    Look forward to following your adventures, and very entertaining blog. (And if we do end up looking after astra, having a few more modest ones of our own:))

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