Positive Poverty – Lead me not into Temptation

What is positive poverty I hear you ask?  An ace way of living your life. I reply.

The idea is you have just enough to get by and don’t have to worry about building up an asset portfolio as you have  no cash to purchase ‘wants’.

Obviously it is a nice western idea of poverty cos I am pretty sure those people stuck in the slums aren’t calling it positive poverty… more like no opportunities and fark all to eat. Setting that glaringly obvious comparison aside,- it kinda works.

All the self help books say it is important to take ownership of your financial situation.  I own my poverty!! As someone who has spent most of their life in debt or ‘working in the arts’ I have always struggled with the desire for the flash stuff and pittance pay checks.

I got myself into a bit of strife a while back taking an exhibition to London- with no funding!!  Maxed out the credit card and had to spend the next five years paying the thing off.  I vowed and declared that I would never do such a thing again. I felt like a loser.

And yet I find myself about to give up a great job and head out into the ocean with about $10k in my bank account for a whole year!

This positive poverty spin is great, instead of being freaked out I am excited. I love living on the boat, coming up with creative ways to cook the paltry provisions. One old apple, one hungry child….. bingo the most delicious crispy apple pikelet treats are whipped up in 10 minutes. Eat ya heart out Jamie Oliver.   

As other friends’ traveling days are curtailed due to mortgage repayments, my misspent youth means that I missed the opportunity to buy an overpriced house in the suburbs. Positive Poverty means I can go sailing. It means I get excited about recycling soft furnishings, it means I make shorts for Dashkin out of remnants. It has forced me to be creative,  given me more time to go running and made me think very carefully about needs and wants.

Ross has long espoused the principle of positive poverty. In fact I think he may have coined the term. His commitment to positive poverty has definitely shaped my attitude to all things luxury.  It is kinda hard to gush about a new pair of shoes when your hubby is sporting a threadbare shirt.

 having said all of that I am a sucker for a bargain and it takes all my will power not to succumb to the summer sales. Seems the best way to get through this is to head miles away from temptation.

Positive poverty, ocean styles.

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2 Responses to Positive Poverty – Lead me not into Temptation

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